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Learn more about our compelling, cost-effective service and how to generate a thriving revenue stream though Digi-Data’s SAFE Webinar series.

Partner Program

Digi-Data Corporation, through our Store And Forward Engine (SAFE) Solution, allows our partners to provide unmatched data protection, recovery solutions and services to your small and medium business customers in a cost-effective manner. We protect the value of your customer relationships and provide this solution exclusively through our selective channel partner program.

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Digi-Data SAFE

Fortune-500 data protection at a fraction of the price!

Big companies spend millions on keeping their business running by undertaking huge IT projects to ensure that data is protected from viruses, corruption, computer-system failures, and site disasters. But for small businesses, data protection and storage are just as important.

Digi-Data SAFE

SAFE (Store And Forward Engine) provides small businesses with a local file storage, which is automatically synchronized (copied) to a remote, secure digital vault. The blend of local and remote storage simplifies backups, improves recovery reliability and gives customers more control over their data.


What is two-stage online vaulting?

SAFE’s two-stage online vaulting service combines the best of online and local data backup technologies. SAFE-gateway is a local, data storage device that is connected to a customer’s network. This device synchronizes data files to a secure online vault, ensuring that data is stored in two locations.